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Welcome to RAOWA, the second home of the retired Armed Forces Officers'. During their active services, armed forces officers', remain bound together by ties of common ideas, identical hopes and aspirations. This bond develops further for common purpose, compact living and an accustomed environment. After the retirement, these officers and their families enter into a world where life treats him differently. Some manage to become fortunate and favorably placed and others are less fortunate. But, life remains a constant struggle for overcoming continued domestic, social and economic problems for all, and specially the less fortunate ones. They are be-set by problems for survival and suitable opportunities for re-settlement in post retirement era and face despair and frustration.

With a view, therefore, to creating a common platform of identical interest and purpose for mutual understanding and communication with each other and for effective voicing and solution of their individual and collective problems and at the same time rendering service to the cause of the nation and the community as a whole, the necessity for the formation of an organization of the Retired Armed Forces Officers' has long been felt. From such a forum they can thrive effectively for achieving their common well-being. This is what RAOWA is and we the members welcome you in our website.

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